1. You Make Me
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So here is the new song, called "You Make Me". This was written many. many years ago by someone for another person. The song in its original form was an instrumental with just some piano, electric guitar, bass, and a drum machine. The original mix was rough....but you could still get a sense of the brilliance of the writer. My understanding is the writer wrote the song during some trying times and really had the best of intentions to finish it.....but that opportunity never came as the writer passed away not too long ago. The recording was stashed away by the person whom it was given to.....with really only a handful of people hearing....or even knowing about it.
I was given the original demo a couple of months ago and was given permission to "work with it". The song inspired me to revamp it and I cut new tracks for every aspect. I wrote the lyrics and melodies all while imagining what was behind the writer's inspiration to originally write it. I used the basic structure as the blueprint for what you will hear.....and consider this person a co-writer for what is in this recording. I am really proud of this one....I'm not reinventing anything....just trying to write something good. Something memorable. And.....I couldn't have done it without the writer......
I dedicate this song to all of you who are missing him, the writer.
This is for Donald William Shultz