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February 17,2024

A new side project is being assembled and it seems promising. This is a working band and it is going to be very fun. Hoping to be out by the Spring/Summer.


January 27, 2024

Happy New Year! Spending some time doing some preproduction work today. New music coming by Spring. 



December 27, 2023

Sometimes ya just get tired of the “status quo” and realize that the only way anything will happen is if you are proactive about it. Historically, any band I was part of that was worth anything was usually due to me being a driving force behind it. As my own “Christmas present” to myself, it is time to do just that. I am forming a band and getting out there TO PLAY. Whatever it entails…..cover, original. Being overlooked for other projects…..your loss. No more waiting for it to come to me. See ya in 2024. Happy Nee Year!










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