Spearheaded by Larry Campanella, The LJC Project hails from New Jersey just outside of Philadelphia. This website is where you will find original recorded releases as well as any and all endeavors of The LJC Project. 

Campanella has an extensive background in writing, recording, and performing as a guitarist for a few bands. He has a discography that includes a few releases from metal/hard rock band he cofounded called "Next Stop Earth" and one cd from Philly favorite, the band "STONE".  Campanella cut his teeth trying to replicate the likes of Eddie Van Halen....would even cofound a Van Halen tribute band that did quite well. Over the years would come to appreciate so many fantastic guitarists...according to Campanella,  "its so hard to pinpoint influences. But with that being said, Vai, Petrucci, LeTekro, and 70s pop and lite rock all play a role in my melodic sense of playing and writing".

The idea of The LJC Project is to be a collective, inviting guest musicians to handle various duties when necessary.  With 3 cds  already released, the 4th is planned for early 2023. Hopefully, when all of this craziness dies down, a live LJC show just might hit the scene......we shall see!

The LJC Project uses Ginelle Amplification. The LJC Project is endorsed by Spectraflex Cables.

All photos by Music Matters Media LLC/ Melissa DeBrigida-Parent unless otherwise noted.

CONTACT: MrShred@comcast.net

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