1. My Friends
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Thinking bout the times I had nothin to lose, and everything was always right.
We'd go anywhere we want, have the girls with us too.
Hangin out with all of my crew, into the night.
The years go by so fast and it all went away.
We were so young and having fun.
The crazy things we did, no one would ever say.
How I miss all of those days, under the sun.

I wish I could go back......
I want to go back.......

The dreams that we would share, hoped they'd all come true.
The basement seemed to be just fine.
We'd go drivin 'round the town, gettin upside down.
Learnin to live with regret, those moments in time.
Life it ain't so bad but I have to say, I miss the people from my past.
I'd do anything to see, anything to hear.
But I know it's all part of life, it's not meant to last.

I wish I could go back....
I want to go back.....